Jonathan Clancy

His Clancyness | A Classic Education

Bologna, Italy

Jonathan Clancy

I’m racking up LPs in my collection, now I’m searching for all the lost 60’s psych-pop gems I can possibly find! Me, well I will hopefully be releasing a few 7″ and doing some stuff with my favorite boys of Secret Furry Hole. I really want to get Always Mist (His Clancyness) the tape I put out on Mirror Universe repressed onto vinyl, and I’ve been writing and recording new stuff. As for A Classic Education (the other band I play in) we have an EP coming out at the end of September, it’s called Hey There Stranger, we’re really proud of it,  it’s out on the great Lefse Records . Jamie Harley has just made a great vid for one of the songs (Look below). We’ll be going to the States in late October, can’t wait!

I think in English some things, others in Italian, I miss snow, cold lands but I also would love summer breeze to never vanish.

Boys that wear their shoes until they’re ready to throw away but keep wearing them. Boys that play old guitars. Girls that play drums, girls shoes, girls shoulders.


His Clancyness- Summer Majestic [VIMEO

MP3:His Clancyness- Summer Majestic

The video that Jamie Harley did for Summer Majestic. I don’t know, it’s weird this video added depth and more depth to the song, i started re-imagining it every day..and now the two things are a perfect one in my head.

A Classic Education- Gone to Sea  [VIMEO

MP3: A Classic Education- Gone to Sea


Gaznevada – Living in the jungle

A great Bologna band.

Ottawa’s wild turkeys

Ottawa’s wild turkeys, nothing beats them in terms of zeitgeist.

Current Obsession:

Women- Locust Valley

Women is such an amazing band, they happen to be good friends. They just have such an edge and have everything I love in music, mystery, sharp guitars, tender love, killer melodies, sonic assaults…just so good.

The Scene

His Clancyness

Already gushed about His Clancyness Summer Majestic on a previous post, I can add now and say that it’s been one my favorite summer tunes. His Clancyness lo-fi has a hover-like feel to it, and the illusive ability to press the right emotional buttons and let go just before it gets too sentimental. Check out the beautiful additional tracks from Always Mist below, and follow Jonathan Clancy’s intelligent and addictive music on His Clancyness Myspace & A Classic Education Myspace.

[JC’s Photos by Giulia Mazza]

MP3: His Clancyness- Ottawa Backfired Soon

MP3:His Clancyness- Nothing And Nowhere To Go

Welcome Back Sailors – Love’s the answer, blame it [VIMEO

MP3: Welcome Back Sailors- Love’s the answer, blame it

[VIA]   [Myspace]


MP3: Banjo or Freakout – 75

[ VIA] [Myspace]

The Fresh & Onlys- Vanishing Cream [VIMEO


The Mantles

MP3: The Mantles-Lily Never Married


Mathemagic – Breaststroke [VIMEO



Phillip Oscar Augustine 

MP3: Phillip Oskar Augustine- Internal Combustion


Bonus Vid

The ACB’s- Be Proffesional [VIMEO

MP3: The ACB’s – Be Professional


Finally I would like to complement  and thank Delicious Scopitone , for the unrelenting pursuit for quality and true talent, as I kept on coming across its wall when I searched material for this post.


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