White Sunday| 5

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.



New York, 1980, 12 year old Chandra Oppenheim released  the Transportation EP on Go Go Records, thus defining “Pre-Teen Post-Punk”. Kate is one of the 4 featured songs on this EP. Grab Chandra’s releases at Cantor Records.

MP3: Chandra- Kate



Doom & Gloom

Doom & Gloom are Brooklyn-based Nate & Liska, the following track is a home recorded demo, one of four that you could download for free at their Bandcamp.

MP3: Doom & Gloom- The Big One (Demo)

TODO LO BUENO – Berenjenas Rebozadas/Horno 

TODO LO BUENO presents a made-in -Spain cheeky lo-fi. This is taken from their album Por José Ánge, out on Discos Buen Pony.



Ahu- To: Love. 

MP3: Ahu- To:Love.

Ahu is a Turkish delight, her debut full single ” To:Love.” was produced by Paul white and is coming out on September 13. Pre-order the 12″ at One Handed Music , or download it directly via her Bandcamp, including 2 remixes by Dimilite.

Via ReqEffect


Cedar Senior

MP3: Cedar Senior- Summer Bummer

I guess summer bummer sums it up. Cedar Senior comes from British Columbia, Canada, this wondrous synthy track is from his Campsite EP, which you could download for free at his Bandcamp.

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