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Zak Mering

My name is Zak Mering, I come from a family of musicians and entertainers. My father was Sumner Mering, and had a band titled Sumner in 1978-1980 and put out an album on Asylum/Elektra. My mother Pamela Mering releases albums, and my sister plays shows and releases music as Weyes Blood. I create music as a solo project under the name Raw Thrills, and used to go by Insted when I lived in Los Angeles which is where I was born and raised. Once I moved to New York I changed my alias to Raw Thrills.

I’ve been making music about everyday for the past 8-9 years and have thousands of recordings. GREATEST HITS is my current band with Tyler Thacker. We have releases coming up on Brooklyn based label, two 7 “, one titled “Danse Pop” and the other titled “Girl Crazy”, expect those out in the next few months.

My previous bands were Philippians with Cory Nitta and Silent Talk with Kelly Crummer. We have albums available. The Sweethearts (Sam Mehran from Outer Limits and I) also have a 3 song EP we are wrapping up that, Tyler from my main band is producing and we are going to release that ourselves, our first single is Burnin thru the Nite which a video for it was dropped this week on YouTube.  (for more vids, check below for The Scene,CL)

I also engage in bookmaking, collaging, painting, zine printing and various artistic endeavors.

I like girls who have acute senses of style and know good music when they hear it. I also dig glasses and dark-haired girls. I like talented girls.


Insted – Here I Go Again

I created in 2008. video by Adriana Alba

Raw Thrills – Hills Speeding

This vid is of an older song that I recorded in 2008, the vid was made a month ago.


GREATEST HITS has 4 videos coming out soon, first ones to drop will be Make you Mine and Danse Pop.


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti- Shades Away

I’m really influenced by Ariel Pink, whom Sam introduced me to, to start recording pop music which occured in december of 2007 with my first album Insted – Gradient. I’ve recorded 4 Insted albums with my old roomate and close friend Taylor Nudo who is a very talented guitar player who passed on two weeks ago, RIP to him, a great talent, the albums we primarily collabed on were Gradient, Holograms, Coconuts, and parts of Komiche Gardens.

Current Obsession:

Outer Limits Recordings – $20 Dollar Bill
MP3: Outer Limits Recordings- $20 Dollar Bill

My friend Sam’s  new video, which I helped film and also act in.

Scritti Politti – Hypnotize

Upcoming Gig:

We  have our 2nd show as Greatest Hits booked at Glasslands for September 14th with our good friend Josh’s band REGAL DEGAL and more.

The Scene

I’m a sucker for lo-fi, and when I saw that vid by Zak months ago, It was an instant free-falling, so I dug deeper and found more and hotter. It Was easy to get obsessed with his 80’s driven vibrant Psychedelic/funky lolly-pop, especially that it’s frequently and simultaneously dropped with eye-catching DIY/lo-fi vids. Although one can clearly detect the Ariel Pink/John Maus influences, I say, there’s more to Zak… he is extremely versatile, check out The Philippians’ electro samplings in She Will Return from 2006(!) and you’ll have an overwhelming De ja vu from all the similar sounding music that flooded Pitchfork and indie blogs the last couple of months!  Wish I could’ve posted more vids by all his various acts,  but I guess I shall leave it to you. The following links should be helpful to explore and buy/pre-order: Raw Thrills Myspace , GEATEST HITS MyspaceOlde English Spelling Bee, IMSOSORRYDAD!

Raw Thrills – Rat Race


Silent Talk

MP3: Silent Talk-Lo ve Go’s

Autre NV- Soldier

MP3: AutreNV- Soldier
MP3: Autre NV-Two Days Of Rain

Weyes Blood

MP3:Weyes Blood Live in Philly

Outer Limits Recordings – Julie


Raw Thrills- Why Can’t I Say Let Go

MP3: Raw Thrills-Why Can’t I Say Let Go

Lamborghini Crystal – Radio Demons


Raw Thrills – Limey Limelite


Porcelain Raft- Summer Moon


Raw Thrills-Komiche Traveling With Vampires


R. Stevie Moore

Well  I couldn’t possibly post this without talking about  this “lo-fi legend”, Ariel Pink’s mentor and the father of  all home recordings and DIY vids , since 1968!  Wet Nap is a painfully beautiful hymn, from 1994.

R. Stevie Moore – Wet Nap


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  3. I was a big Sumner fan. I remember seeing them at Madam Wongs in Chinatown. That was a great place to see bands in the 80s.
    I hope you guys are doing well . I talked to your dad a couple of times during his breaks .
    He and the group were very cool people. Lt him know his memory lives on.

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