White Sunday| 4

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Suburban Lawns

Suburban Lawns was a New-Wave act formed in 1978, in Long Beach, California. Janitor is taken from their sole album Suburban Lawns released in 1981. The lyrics are believed to be excerpts from a real life conversation between Sue McLane (the lead singer) and her friend Brian Smith.

Suburban Lawns- Janitor


Bobby Mavs- City Nights

I was easily drawn to this one but I have to say that all I know about this act that it’s related to Jonah Maurer (Second Life).

[Via Matt Mondanile]


A  Classic Education- Gone to Sea
MP3: A Classic Education- Gone to Sea

A Classic Education is another music project by Bolognia’s based His Clancyness, the vid is directed by the talented Jaime Harley and the is a track from their upcoming EP, Hey There Stranger, coming out September 21st on Lefse. You can get more information and buy tracks on the Website.



Today I have an extended Blue section, for obvious reasons. I found the following in my Inbox this morning, dunno if it was meant for me or for my blog, on any case, I was touched.

Arthur Russell – A Little Lost

the following is my reply to the previous… :

Beach Combers
MP3: Beach Combers-The Whole World
Beach Combers- The Things That I Would Do to You
MP3: Beach Combers-The Things ThatI Would Do to You

Beach Comber is a Brooklyn based act, doing surf pop with a 60’s twist. Check their Bandcamp for free tracks and more songs.


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