Khalil Ghadban خليل غضبان

Rape Faction


Khalil Ghadban

I play in a band called Rape Faction, we recorded a record this past winter called Gone Forever for FLA out of Houston and Skrot UP out of Copenhagen, that’s two really awesome tape labels that decided to combine forces to put our shit on a 12″. it should have fucking been out by now but apparently the mix is too extreme for the vinyl mastering dude to handle so now we have to remix the entire thing. it makes me want to cry because I’ve already remixed those songs like 20 times. you can actually stream that record off Bandcamp . We’re doing a tape for Campaign for Infinity which is going to be huge in Japan. it’s called Future brain . It’s going to have a more R&B hiphop kinda flavour than the first record. very 3 6 Mafia, one of the songs is a cover of “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. Then we’re doing a split with Vicious/Delicious that we recorded in their studio that we are hoping to release as a 7″, preferably in the UK for Street Cred Music. Also we’ve got a track on the FLA comp that’s coming out on BEKO DSL.

I’ve met this junky chick from Halifax on the corner of st. Laurent and Mount Royal one night, she told me the story of how she and her boyfriend had just been married and her rich father bought them a new house and filled it up with beautiful objects, she was pregnant at the time and her boyfriend had picked out all this delicate hand crafted wooden furniture for the babies room. her eyes lit up when she described the crib in detail and the pattern on the wallpaper. then she told me how her boyfriend let one of his hoser friends come stay over and set him up on the floor next to the crib. while they were out one day, buddy got stoned and fucking threw a cigarette into the waste basket. then he took off. when the girl came home, the house had burned to the ground. they had sent out the papers for the insurance a few days earlier. unfortunately the insurance company reserved the right to cancel the policy within the first 2 weeks of receiving payment. they lost everything. now she and her husband live in a tent on the mountain and roam the city selling heroin to other crusts to support their own habit. don’t know what happened to the baby.

I like girls with short hair and braces. I love women who are slightly damaged, with bad teeth or a crooked nose. Sometimes when I’m in a certain mood I enjoy girls who dress up like gangster rappers. Oh and I like those little white socks with stripes. Ugh.


Rape Faction
MP3: Rape Faction-Kids on Dilaudid


Les Georges Leningrad – Lollipop Lady
Les Georges Leningrad are probably one of the best bands to ever come out of Montreal. they are a perfect example of what makes the music scene here so good. no one knows how to play their instruments. rent is dirt cheap. french people sing in english and english people sing in french. venues get shut down and spring up on a monthly basis and everybody wants to be more obscure and more real than everyone else.

Current Obsession:

PIG- Euphoric Channels Reverse

I played a show with these guys a few weeks ago and it was so intense the venue was permanently shut down by the cops the day after. I’ve been obsessing over them ever since. these kids are probably the best fucking band in Canada right now, and they are all like 17 18 years old. they play super heavy menacing rock covered in texture and noise that would make the arcade fire commit ritual suicide. do yourself a favor and get one of their tapes.

Recommended Gig:

This Thursday night at CASA DEL POPOLO ,Procedure Club with The Pink Noise , The Ovoids and Wicked Crafts. Procedure Club makes like super fuzzed out sugary sweet pop songs, they are good friends of mine coming down from NYC its going to be a fucking party.

The Scene

Rape Faction

This week I’ve been venturing young kick ass Montreal through Khalil’s music, been wild, bordering dark, and certainly interesting, the cheeky lad offers haunted noise, ghost like melodies and a sexy voice to wrap it up. The bands featured are related and in keeping. For More check Rape Faction’s  Myspace

MP3: Rape Faction-Bells MP3: Rape Faction- Future Brain (demo1)

The Pink Noise- Wild Love

Teenage Panzerkorps
MP3: Teenage Panzerkorps-Unfavorable Meanings

Gape Attack- Down Down

MP3: Postcards-Gum

Atlas Young
MP3: Atlas Young- Living In Silent MP3: Atlas Young-Breath In Newcastle

Young Henry- Yellow Tape

MP3: Automelodi- Buandrie Jazz

Grave Babies- Gouge Your Eyes Out

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