White Sunday| 3

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Polyphonic Size

Formed in the late 70’s Belgium, this new-wave act delivered minimal-electro, showcased in the following track of their third LP, Nagasaki Mon Amour,  produced by JJ Burnel and released in 1980.

MP3: Polyphonic Size- Nagasaki Mon Amour



Sufjan Stevens

I’ve been waiting anxiously for a new Sufjan Stevens, he’s definitely one of my all time obsessions, so I sorta jumped this EP and devoured it. I sensed a bit of a change in Sufjan’s vocals, it seems that his voice has matured to be  more touching/sincere.  The tracks I’ve picked are truly magical and their lyrics felt like straight arrows into my heart. You could get this EP at  Bandcamp.

MP3: Sufjan Stevens- From The Mouth Of Gabriel

MP3: Sufjan Stevens- Arnika


The Pheromoans

The following was a very pleasant surprise by UK’s Pheromoans. Great stuff!  Watch out for these dudes,  I certainly will.

MP3: The Pheromoans-Robotic Son

MP3:The Pheromoans- Slime Days

Robotic Son is coming out in a couple of weeks on Sweet Rot Records and Slime days is from the split single with Dan Melchior which you can Order from Savoury Days Records.


Via Carl Clandestine


Emily Reo

Emily Reo’s Witch Mtn, was the answer to  my blues this week, heavy rotating it in the wee hours included falling to sleep/in love  to/with her voice. Grab the Witch Mtn cassette at Breakfast of Champs Records . Get more info and check  Emily’s different collaborations on Myspace.

MP3: Emily Reo- Witch Mtn

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