Joseph Vorachack


San Diego, California


Joseph Vorachack

I’m super ecstatic to announce the upcoming release of “We Want It Beautiful Not Real”. It’s finally done and should be out the first week of Autumn. The details are as follows; a double cdr release on DISARO , first disc is the original EP and the second disc will be all remixes called “RAW RAW REMIX”. The remixes will also be out on tape under Trivial Pursuit, a new tape label. The remix tape will consist of 10 remixes in total. Also, I just got done wrapping up the video editing for “Aqua Net”, so look out for that in the upcoming weeks. And last but not least, I’m starting a new project with Party Trash called SKYLINES. The idea came about after our amazing collaboration for the song “Drunk Dial” that came out on Beko DSL’s August compilation… so look out-look out, for the arrival of SKYLINES bay bee. (For these tracks, Josephs picks & more, check below for The Scene, CL)

I feel my rebellious nature came at an early age, considering my parents were refugees at the age of seventeen. People tend to forget that the Vietnam war washed over all of South East Asia. Hence why my parents were runaways. The root of my existence comes from Laos, a non-industrialized country that operates on its own slow-progressing time. With that said, and being a first generation American growing up in Southern California, the line between reality and fantasy for me has always been a huge blur.

As far as I can remember, I’ve always been a big daydreamer. Creatively, I started off with fashion reconstruction. I came to realize that the time and effort put in didn’t satisfy my need of wanting to reach a mass audience and fearing only one person would be able to enjoy my garment. With that in mind, it was time for a new outlet. Music was the answer to everything for me, it always nurtured me. I started off recording with equipment around my apartment; producing beats with a vintage Hammond organ. I would sit dazed in and dazed out in my walk-in closet recording music. I took pointers from the many amazing musicians around me: the likes of Jeans Wilder and the boys of HH (Heavy Hawaii). I’ve never really considered myself a musician, but more of an artist. Slowly, my sound took shape in the form of wings and finally took flight on a path I could never have imagined.

I love boys, all types of boys. Especially ones in acid wash denim jackets, black caps and tattoos.




MP3: RAW MOANS- Aqua Net

MP3: RAW MOANS- fuCK that day (demo)


The Mamas & The Papas – Got a Feelin’

I feel this video of the Mamas and Papas is a great representation of San Diego. Filmed in Mission Bay San Diego on 04/29/66. What a beautiful city I live in, but I got a feelin’ I’m wasting time here.

Current Obsession:

Enter The Ninja (FOSTERCARE Remix) – DIE ANTWOORD 

For quite some time now I’ve been obsessed with FOSTERCARE. His mind-blowing beats grab you from behind and catches you completely off guard. This boy will take you for a loop. Here’s his latest video for Enter The Ninja, a remix he did of Die Antwoord and a video for Mask. Sooo fckn gooood!!!

Recommended Gig:

Awesome festival coming up: This is gonna be killer!

The Scene

Think  Joseph succeeded in translating his daydreaming nature into his music, RAW MOAN’s songs makes  you indulge in fierce reverie (not to mention turns you on…) So it’s not recommended if you wanna get things done ( like preparing a post for a blog, for instance!), though it’s certainly perfect for unleashing suppressed heart beats. What struck me most was the fact that an immaculately designed electro-pop tunes, could convey so much breakage and distortion, making it tricky and engaging. The acts below were picked and presented by Joseph, but the last two. Check RM’s Myspace & DISARO for more music and updates.



JV: “Is a side project between Party Trash and I. Post-Drunk Dial.  Here is our first single SKY.”


Jeans Wilder- Kiss You

MP3: Jeans Wilder – Kiss You

JV: “Aka Andrew Caddick, oh me oh my. It’s such an honor to have seen this man bloom from a rare seed to the California poppy he is today. I knew from the first moment we met, he was a gem like no other. Smoking all my weed, but I don’t mind. Just sing me a song, a song of our time.” Order at ATELIERCISEAUX & La Station Radar Records . [Myspace]

Heavy Hawaii- Suicide Summer

MP3: Heavy Hawaii- Suicide Summer

JV: “The saga continues. Matt Barajas, the boy in the man and the man behind Heavy Hawaii. Hide your daughters, put your wallet away, cause when he’s around, the parties on you.” Get them at ART FAG RECORDINGS .  [Myspace]

RAW MOANS & Party Trash

JV: “Drunk Dial is a collaboration with Party Trash. This single was made for Beko cs02 August compilation. you can download the comp at BEKO DSL.”  [Party Trash Myspace, Tumblr]

MP3: ROW MOANS | Party Trash- Drunk Dial

Nude Boy  – The Room

MP3: Nude Boy- The Room

JV: “Modelo, Tecate, Miller High Life, Ancient Age, Jack, Jim, Derek, Kristal, Jojo, Melissa, we all take it for the team. It’s one for all and all for one. I drink to forever young.”

Check at Single Screen Records. [Myspace]

Lady Kier from dee-lite + Pal Joey ’91- Pucci u say love?

I love me a strong independent woman. Queen of the club kids, Lady Miss Kier is a perfect example of girl power. Gosh, I remember this one time, me and a friend went into a 99¢ discount store and found a shit load of Deee-Lite’s cdr’s and were like, “ooOoWEe”! What a huge inspiration she is for me, I admire her personal style and carefree attitude dearly.

Ablehearts- A Name

Coming Out on soon on SHINKOYO

Lullatone- Bedroom Bossa Nova



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3 thoughts on “Joseph Vorachack

  1. I love Laos! I was there for 2 months from luang Pubang (spell?) Vienvien, Vientien, Pakse, Don Dhet (4,000 island) I loved that country and the people. Have you been? Where your parents from? I remember being in the jungle and seeing big ass missiles, that’s when I realized that Vietnam fucked more than fore mentioned. Also, I am Lady Miss Kier’s Assistant so this post was fascinating in more ways than 75832. Thanks for your words.

    • Hey Ashley,

      I have been to Laos a few times. It’s such a beautiful country. My parents are from the Phaxay province. It’s right next to the Mekong River and you can see Thailand across the way.

      I can’t believe I’m actually corresponding with Lady Miss Kier’s Assistant! Please tell her that she is the shit and I would love to do a collaboration with her one of these days.

      “I believe in the power of love” ❤

  2. Hello, Joseph, it’s been a long time. I think the last time I saw you was at your HS graduation.

    Looks like you’re doing well! I ran across you here sort of by accident, and you have a lot of interesting projects here. Would like to know more. If you get time, my E mail address is

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    All the best,

    Po Tau (Jim Train)

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