Zach Hill


Sacramento, California

Zach Hill

[Portrait by Marc Kallweit]

I was born and raised in Sacramento , California. I dropped out of school at age 15 and moved out alone to Nevada City, CA, and then San Francisco from there.

My father and uncle were press printers so I’ve spent most of my adolescence in a print shop with long-haired,  bearded dudes and classic rock radio.

I’ve never driven a car or had my driver’s license to this day . I have broken my testicles twice while playing the drums among many other things.

In my formidable years I would occasionally take acid before soccer games. I credit those experiences to putting me in touch with my own physicality in an unusual way. I certainly do not recommend this to other kids to relive . I am me and you are you and that’s what’s great about this place.

I asked the woman that I loved to marry me when I was 24 years old and she declined.

I recently lost a front tooth while eating a carrot and watching Slumdog Millionaire. I have no insurance to fix it, so whatever.

I’ve spent the last decade touring and making records non stop. That is why I’m here. I believe in the youth. Youth energy is the truth energy.

I play drums and make music. I often collaborate with other artists in all mediums. I do a lot of visual art and video work as well. I have a new album coming out Oct. 19th 2010 called FACE TAT  via Sargent House Records. (For more of Zach’s vids, his picks and more, look below for The Scene, CL)


Zach Hill – The Sacto Smile

This is a new a video for a track off of my new album FACE TAT that comes out in October. And this is the first song on my new record:

MP3: Zach Hill- Memo to the Man


John Cardiel Anti Hero 1998

Current Obsession:

I wouldn’t call it an obsession but lately Ive been really into a lot of underground rap and hip hop coming out of Sacramento. there’s so much of it that seems to go unheard . some of the stuff is so raw and hungry , I love it. less on the materialistic shit and more on the:

T-Nutty – Nutty Nite

Upcoming Gig:

I’m playing in South Korea September 16-18, here’s is a link to those dates-

The Scene

Where shall I begin, one of my fav drummers, making poetic noise, constructing and de-constructing it into so many exquisite patterns, and layering tropical and more melodies into it, the result is extremely cathartic. And there’s the visual aspect which is as intricate, actually don’t know if you could separate between the two, and why even attempt to do so, they’re organically inter-linked.

All that’s presented below is linked to the prolific Zach. Make sure to follow his work [Myspace] and get the upcoming album, out on October 19th on Sargent House Records.

Zach Hill- Green Bricks

Zach Hill- Hindsight Is Nowhere

MP3: Zach Hill- Hindsight is Nowhere

Simply Saucer

ZH:” This record “Here Come the Cyborgs” was recommended to me by Steve Malkmus a few years back and since then its been one of my favorite albums ever!”

MP3: Simply Saucer-Instant Pleasure

CHLL PLL – She Owns

Adam Freedland

ZH:” Basically just love this remix. the melody is massive ,have no idea what the original sounds like but the Joker mix is pretty much a classic at this point. the first time I heard it I was at a Martyn, Pinch and Guido show in Bristol in 2009, one of them threw it into the mix, I was humming this hook in my head for the rest of the tour.”

MP3: Adam Freeland – Do You (Joker Remix)

Zach Hill – Dark Art [VIMEO

Marnie Stern

MP3: Marnie Stern- For Ash

No Age- Glitter 

MP3: No Age- No Glitter


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