These Calgary young men certainly grabbed my attention, with their raw  lo-fi. No more raging teens, FAUX FUR embodies subtle-sophisticated angry tunes.

Jean Sebastien Audet: “When Faux Fur first began it was a solo project. Cheezy synths and drum machines. Then my buddy Julian came over to go to a concert with me and we jammed a bit. I knew that we had to start some kind of band together. Since I hate myspace enough as it is, I didn’t make a new profile and I just decided to discard the electronic stuff and have Faux Fur be a duo. We played our first show with good friends Lab Coast  and then we started playing as much as we could around town with local acts Friendo, No You Hang Up, Grown Ups, etc. Our debut tape is coming out August 26th on Scotch Tapes . It’s a split with Ghost Animal.  We’ll be playing a live set on CJSW 90.9FM on august 23rd if you’re in the Calgary area.”

FAUX FUR- Cracked China

[Vid made by Jean Sebastien Audet]

MP3: FAUX FUR- Cracked China

MP3: FAUX FUR- Video Ouija

MP3: FAUX FUR- She Creature




MP3: Friendo – Counter Time



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