Brandon Biondo


Knoxville, Tennessee

Brandon Bionda

I play in a band called COOLRUNNINGS and do my own stuff under my own name and sometimes WALSH.  I toured heavily for about two years with a band called Royal Bangs that are extremely awesome, I don’t play with them anymore but you should definitely check them out, they still tour.  COOLRUNNINGS are leaving in about a week for our first East Coast U.S. tour, we are all super stoked! The band has been together since december of 09 and put out two EP’s, Buffalo and Babes Forever (more of a collection of demos).  I’ve been working on an EP of solo stuff for AMDISCS that was supposed to be released this month but is taking longer than I expected so I can’t really say when it will come out, but most likely in a couple of weeks.  COOLRUNNINGS are in the process of recording a full length, no word on when that’s going to come out or who with, but I can say that it’s exceeding my expectations of awesome pretty early on and am totally stoked for people to hear it when it’s done.

I have a Casualties tattoo that I got when I was 17 and totally regret that says “40oz Casualty”.

If I like a girl, it’s usually because she’s good at raising hell.  I have respect for that, I’m not looking for love though, I’ve got more important things to do with my time, like eat Cheeseburgers and be irresponsible.



This is a vid for a song I wrote for COOLRUNNINGS called Burnout, made the video from some movie called “Dead People.”


The Sun Sphere is world famous and was built for the 1982 Worlds fair which was held here, here’s a commercial for it.

1982 World’s Fair Commercial

Here is another vid for the 1982 Worlds fair, just because the commercials are so awesome looking…

1982 World’s Fair Commercial

Current Obsession:

I may be late on this, but this song blows my mind everytime I hear it and although I’m totally anti beach stock footage music video, this video is pretty rad and the song just melts my fucking brain everytime I hear it.  I love how unstable the whole thing is , it’s totally my jam and has been for about a month.

Lester Brown – Let Your Hair Grow

I feel like I gotta throw one more in on this, everything COM TRUISE touches is fucking gold.  The guy has it all going for him, he’s great with the design / imagery he uses with his music and the synths sound like they are just oozing on everything.  Totally jealous of this bro, haha.  Mind blowing stuff.

Com Truise – IWYWAW

Upcoming Gig:

We have two shows in Brooklyn that we are playing this month that I am super stoked about, the first is a show with Tennis and Magic Bullets @ Glasslands on August 26th and the next is the Out On The Streets Festival @ Brooklyn Fireproof On August 28th.

The Scene

I’m gonna quote Brandon’s sentence about Com Truise: “everything he touches is fucking gold” and address it to him, from COOLRUNNINGS to the Solo projects, various collaboration and amazing vids. Venturing the music & visual materials for this post was like strolling in a huge candy shop, filled with eye and ear catching bonbons, so couldn’t help but grabbing as much as I could,  you’re well invited to take a lick. Other bands presented either share Knoxville with Brandon: Yung Life & Royal Bangs, or belong to the same record label: Teen Daze, rest is whimsically inspired by him.


COOLRUNNINGS – When I got high with you

MP3: COOLRUNNINGS- When I Got High With You

The Sunshine Makers | Re-presented by Think or Smile featuring the music of Brandon Biondo


Yung Life

MP3: Yung Life- Patient Love

Wise Blood – STRT SRNS


Tune Yards 

MP3: Tune Yards- I Really Taught Me to Watusi (KATW cover)

Via BrooklynVegan

Brandon Biondo & Mat Cothran – Untitled

Royal Bangs

MP3: Royal Bangs- My Car Is Haunted

Teen Daze- Gone For The Summer pt II 


Bonus Vid

A Freshly dropped sweetness bomb for a track of Summer Camp’s upcoming “Young EP” on  Moshi Moshi Records.

Summer Camp – Round the Moon

Premiered on  Gorilla vs. Bear


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