Ryan William Lynch & Hannah Hunt

Dominant Legs

San Francisco


Hannah Hunt & Ryan William Lynch

Our first tour was backing up Girls last November. Since then we played our very first show outside of the United States in Paris, worked on a number of new songs. We’re due to come out with our very first release this month. We’ve been rehearsing for our shows with Mystery Jets in September and recently added a drummer to our line-up.

CL: Esoteric Personal?

RL: Everyone is always wearing bikinis sometimes.
HH: I am obsessed with giving blood. EVERY 54 DAYS.

CL: Something specific you like about boys/girls?

RL: I’ve always loved red heads. I am absolutely in love with Amy Adams. I dedicated a song to her in Paris.
HH: I’ve always considered flip-flops to be a deal-breaker.


Dominant Legs- Just Silly Ones

This is a video I quickly put together with my roommate one afternoon. It’s old family footage my mother took of me when I was about ten years old.


Myles Cooper – Gonna Find Boyfriends Today

RL: This is too cute and wonderful. One of the best pop songs I’ve heard coming out of San Francisco recently.

HH: Ryan, you stole my pick. Runner-up would have to be The She’s video for Your Madjesty. They are everything I wish I could have been when I was 16.

The SHE’S- Your Madjesty

Current Obsession:

Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (101 Concert)

RL: Depeche Mode was one of the first bands I ever listened to. I played “People are People” during Show and Tell for my third grade class and was made fun of. I though everyone in my class had to be crazy not to love the song. I recently got 101 to watch on tour and have been playing it over and over.

Sade – When Am I Going To Make A Living

HH: I’m pretty sure Sade can be classified as adult contemporary music and, taking that into consideration, I have absolutely no shame in declaring my deep and undying love for her. The message here is far more sophisticated than most smooth jazz hits.

Upcoming Gig:

We have two shows in New York (Sept. 14 & 15) and 1 in LA (Sept. 17), all with Mystery Jets.

The Scene

When saw Dominant Legs’ Just Silly Ones vid for the first time, I was immediately drawn to the long haired kid and to the music, something about the combination of guitars/percussion , iconic vocals and i guess some sort of pain/sadness, that really touched me. It is supposedly pop tunes, but the layering and  the shifts makes you rethink all the stupid classifications. The bands presented today are based in San Francisco (but London’s Mystery Jets)  and are closely related to Dominant Legs (other than Ty Segall ,which is a San Francisco act that i really like)  After listening to it all, I was able to sense the unique SF “vibe”, and  Scott Mckenzie\’s song kept popping to my head, so if you dig, I suggest you explore as well.

Dominant Legs

MP3: Dominant Legs- About my Girls

MP3: Dominant Legs- Clawing Out at the Walls

Holy Shit

MP3: Holy shit-New Colors

Mystery Jets- Melt  [VIMEO http://vimeo.com/12834850%5D

Young Prisms

MP3: Young Prisms-I Don’t Get Much

Magic Bullets

MP3: Magic Bullets – The Book Is Closed

Smith Westerns 

MP3: Smith Westerns-The Glam Goddess


MP3: Tamaryn- Choirs of Winter

Ty Segall – So Alone

Bonus Vid

After listening to all these laid back tunes, I needed a kick of the following medicine.

Zach Hill – The Sacto Smile

[Dedicated to A.Schneebaum, HB!]


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