Michael Avishay

Ghost Animal

Los Angeles

Michael Avishay

I’ve been Ghost Animal in some form or another since I was fifteen and I saw the words “GHOST ANIMAL” written on a wall somewhere in the middle of Norway. I used to write silly acoustic love songs to imaginary girlfriends in high school, but then about a year ago I met Marisa and discovered punk and shoegaze and the Pixies, which really changed everything, so I’ve put down my acoustic guitar (not before horribly defacing it with a sharpie) and adopted all things loud and raucous as my raisons d’etre. I wrote a song called “Vanity Affair” about masturbating in the mirror and realized that not only do I enjoy dirty punk rock but I also love experimenting with sexual and gender roles in songs, kind of like Morrisey. I used to want to be a writer, but once I realized that I’m not good at that and at least somewhat better at making music, I decided I’d be a rock star instead. I have four electric guitars and each one has a name and a place in my heart. Right now I’m playing my white Stratocaster a lot, her name is Alexandria (after, of all people, Alex Turner). I can never limit myself to the prescribed amount which is why this is much longer than a few lines. Yet: what I am doing right now is finishing up a cover by my good friends Craft Spells – we’re doing a split for AMDISCS in which we cover each other and our influences. I’ve also got a ton of shows scheduled, mainly in Portland, in the coming few months. Since school is starting again I’m going to focus more or writing and performing than on recording. I will also be writing a thesis on Virginia Woolf, so hooray. I also love gin and tonic. (for more tracks and vids look down for The Scene,CL)

I can wiggle one ear at a time and at my fourth birthday party, to the encouraging whispers of my Zen Buddhist grandmother, I put my cake on my head.

As friends, I like boys who can think, who don’t posture, who are honest and humble. As for romance, I like a girl who loves me but doesn’t let me get away with any bullshit, which I’m usually apt to pull. Nothing big, just little things. Someone who doesn’t let my head get too big. My girlfriend is exactly that and so much more. In fact, as far as I can tell, she is exactly what I like in a girl; that is to say, I like a girl to be her, and only her. Her name is Gillian by the way.



Ghost Animal – Through Your Eyes

It was directed by the incredible Tyler T. Williams and it blows me away every time I watch it. Crazy coincidence: the girl in the video (who is also the director’s girlfriend) is friends with this girl Ellen who I’ve met who is friends with my really good friends Youthbitch that I go to school with. She’s taken photographs at our shows before and will continue to do so. Small world. Well, Boise is a small town (which is where Ellen is from).


Beach Boys

For some reason, the Beach Boys song “That’s Not Me” comes to mind.

MP3: Beach Boys- Thats Not Me


Current Obsession:

Beach Fossils- Daydream (live at LoveJoys in Austin, SXSW 2010)

I just love the crazy amount of energy in this. The album, which I listen to constantly and cannot get enough of, is pretty mellow but live, they explode. Pretty sure they’ve studied their Jesus and Mary Chain, too. I actually got the chance to meet them last week in San Francisco after seeing them open for Twin Sister and Bear in Heaven. They’re super nice and I can’t wait to hang with them (hopefully!) when we roll through Brooklyn sometime soon.

Recommended Gigs:

As for a gig I highly recommend: Dum Dum Girls are opening for the Vaselines in Portland in October. Definitely not going to miss that. Also, Drums/Surfer Blood, also in Portland in October!!!! Also we’re playing at the Hemlock in San Francisco on August 11th, come party! I think we’re playing the FMLY fest on December 26th in LA, but I’m not sure – either way, go to that, it’s going to be amazing.

The Scene

I’m glad Michael corrupted his acoustic guitar,  cause this kinda noisy garage-y sounds, with the melodies hovering around and behind, warms up my heart. I’m not certain whether it’s truly “bedroom recordings”, but the music definitely lures you into there, making the listening experience all the more intimate and exciting. Since last week’s feature post, I’ve had “In Your Room” on heavy rotation, so I’m stocked to have Michael presenting it this time. I’ve had such a hard time deciding between the several Ghost Animal songs, all equally interesting, and yet don’t sound the same, so I suggest you google up and get to know the surprisingly Ghost Animal rich repertoire.

Ghost Animal

MP3: Ghost Animal -Summertime in Heaven

MP3: Ghost Animal- In Your Room (Golden Ages Remix)

Craft Spells

MP3: Craft Spells- Party Talk

The Vaselines- Dum Dum

MP3: The Vaselines- Sex With an X

MP3: The Vaselines- Son of a Gun

Dum Dum Girls- Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout



MP3: YOUTHBITCH- Cool California


Gobble Gobble

MP3: Gobble Gobble- Lawn Knives

Persona La Ave- Beach


Bonus Vid

Via No Fear of Pop

Porcelain Raft -Dragonfly





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