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Foxes in Fiction


Warren Hildebrand

I’ve got a bunch of little projects going on right now, it’s actually great.
I’m working on recording a new EP that I’m releasing through my cassette label Orchid Tapes, which I’m gonna be using to release a bunch of other music by some close friends of mine; Ghost Animal, the summer compilation by Beko (www.beko-dsl.com), Misiiko & Kuhmoo and some others. I’m actually really excited that there have been this many people showing interest in the Orchid Tapes project. I originally started it mainly as a selfish thing for releasing my own recordings in between releases on the label I’m signed with, but it’s developed really well so far. Also, I’m not going to be in school this September so I’m planning to devote the majority of my time to running the label and working on making and playing music. I’m still working on refining my live show and making it more intersting which can sometimes be a bit of a challenge when it’s just a single person on stage.
After that I’m going to be working on releasing another EP for Moodgadget Records. I’m still not sure when it’s going to happen, but after I’m finished with that (my contract will be done) I’m doing to be signing with Ghostly International (Moodgadget is kind of a sub-label of Ghostly). It’s all really exciting to me, all the progress I’ve made with music in the past few months has happened really quickly. I feel really fortunate and happy to be where I am. (For tracks and vids of Warren and more bands look down for The Scene, CL

When I was a lot younger (I mean like 7 or 8 years olds) my best friend and I memorized all of the lyrics to the Spice Girls catalog and choreographed our own dance routine and put on a concert in my backyard where we played their CD and sang along and danced and invited all the people from my street, I remember there being like 100 people there. There’s a cassette tapes of it that I really wanna rip and upload. I don’t know if I’m embarrassed or not.

I like people who obsessively collect things, have warm souls and a sense of fucked up humour, smell good and aren’t afraid to have days where they look shitty or spend a whole day sitting around in their pajamas hungover eating crappy food.


Foxes in Fiction – Jimi Bleachball

This is a video I made for my song ‘Jimi Bleachball’. I made it for one of my classes at OCAD, the University where I just finished my first year. The footage is mainly just of my friends, places around Toronto and my apartment. The song was actually recorded after I shot the video and got a vibe of the feeling it all conveyed, in kind of a backwards attempt to make a music video. I used a JVC camcorder from 1990 and some crappy digital camera for all the shots.


Actual Water – Pencil Legged

Unfortunately I’m not nearly as engaged in Toronto’s music scene as I’d like to be. I don’t really go to that many shows around here nor do I know as many musicians as I’d like to. The only music ‘scene’ I’ve been really engaged in lately is the one online, as lame as that sounds. But that aside, one of my favourite bands from Toronto is called Actual Water and they play this really intesting type of loud as fuck krautrock-influenced punk and ambient music. I haven’t heard much stuff life it before. But like seriously, listen to this fucking album, it rocks so hard. I did a little write up about it a few months ago for a music blog I (used to) write for: http://spacerockmountain.blogspot.com/2010/01/actual-water-double-negatives-2008.html
Also, the drums in Jimi Bleachball are sampled from their song Boutique Neighbourhoods.

Current Obsession:

Benoit Pioulard – Ragged Tint

One musician I’ve been completely obsessed with lately is Benoit Pioulard. There’s something exquisite and beautiful about his music that I find extremely inviting and comfortable. It’s hard for me to put my attraction to his music into words, hopefully the video translate some of what I mean.

Upcoming gig:

I’m playing on College St. at a place called Tiger Bar on August 12th.

The Scene

Foxes in fiction is a one man band indeed, and Warren is a classic wunderkinder, I came across FIF months back, through an eerie vid that featured a young fellow standing in the woods, he looked kinda hmmm… foxy, little did i know that the guy was Warren himself. In my mind hazy dreamy describes best the lo-fi “Star gazing” music concocted by this wiz, complemented by his almost angelic vocals. So if you’re going for summery night swimming/ starry night road tripping, his music would be the ideal soundtrack .

The bands presented this week are connected in one way or another to Foxes (Look upstairs), they were worthy of my time and are certainly to look out for.

Foxes in Fiction

MP3: Foxes in Fiction- Flashing Lights Have Ended Now

MP3: Foxes in Fiction- Lately (Memoryhouse cover)

Coma Cinema- In Lieu of Flowers [VIMEO 13463048]

MP3: Coma Cinema – Sucker Punch (Kohwi Remix)

Ghost Animal

MP3: Ghost Animal- In Your Room (Golden Ages Remix)

Pandit- Lighthouse

MP3: LAY BAC- Wind Surfer Cross

Hard Mix – Memories
Sing Leaf

Sing Leaf -The Watch

Blackbird Blackbird- So Sorry Girl [VIMEO 11198683]
Raw Moans 

MP3: Raw Moans- Aqua Net

Bonus Vid

Remember Big troubles from the feature post two week ago, they’ve just dropped a fabby new vid for a track from their upcoming EP. [Via Transparent ]

Big Troubles- Byte YR Tongue


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