Brad Oberhofer



Brad Oberhofer

I grew up in Tacoma, Washington, and I love that place.  I live in Brooklyn now, and I like it. I started recording music alone under the name, “Oberhofer”, because I’m not clever enough to come up with another name.  After moving to New York, the idea of playing live shows sounded fun, so my friends Andrew Heaton (guitar), Mike Parham (bass), and Pete Sustarsic (drums) joined the band and we started playing shows.  Now we are self-releasing a 7″ which you can order on Insound.

I play guitar naked in my room all the time and have no curtains.

I like girls with big pretty eyes.



MP3: Oberhofer- o0O0o0O0o
MP3: Oberhofer- Away Frm U



Hoop Dreams – Teengirl Fantasy


Current Obsession:

Slushy – I’m not your girlfriend


Upcoming Gig:

Come see Twin Sister, Memory House, Beauty Feast and OBERHOFER at Mercury Lounge on August 11th.

Free Association

Three months ago I downloaded Brad’s songs after a few seconds into them, later that day I went for a jog when suddenly they came up my ipod, I was totally surprised and taken by the energy and cheekiness that burst out of ooOoooOoo and Away from u, it was fresh and fresh. The lyrics are simple and in your face, just as words ought to be.

Baths- Stupor  [VIMEO 11025218]


Screaming Females

MP3: Screaming Females- I Do
MP3: Screaming females- I Don’t Mind It


Royal Baths

MP3: Royal Baths- Nikki Don’t


Total Slacker – Magical Date Night



MP3: ARMS- Heat & Hot Water (Pepper Rabbit Redux)


Makeup Monsters

MP3:Makeup Monsters-Rude Romantique


Nude Beach 

MP3: Nude Beach- Hot Girl

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