White Tuesdays| 3

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


We the People – In The Past 

Formed in 1965, “We the People” were an American garage rock band from Orlando, “In the Past” was their fourth single, released in 1966 with ” St. John’s Shop” as a B- side, the single was less welcomed by radio stations who favored the less psychedelic B- side. The song features a musical instrument that was built by one of the band members’ grandfather, looking like a big Mandolin and sounding like a Sitar. This song was covered by The Chocolate Watchband in 1968.



This one’s a joy ride, some sampling, synthy pop, melodies  paired with masked hazy vocals, all wraped up impeccably  to form the next two tracks. Sunsquints is one of these annoying mystery acts, popping up like mushrooms lately, guess it’s  an organic reaction to the web sphere’s info-explosion and over-exposure, anyway, they’re from Chicago and you can get their tracks from their bandcamp.

MP3: Sunsquints- Basque

MP3: Sunsquints- Dakar Doldrums

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Bright Lit Blue Skies 

Can’t believe  I’ve waited this long to post something by Ariel Pink, he’s sort of a personal hero. Well, he definitely completed the transition, from the home lo-fi recordings to  the studio and 4AD, with the song upstairs showcasing this.  The vid , directed by Steve Hanft, is fun and non- sensy; check out the card board Trojan horse installed on a skateboard, epic.


Dominant Legs – Just Silly Ones

Posted by Haut Les Badges.

Dominant Legs are San Fransisco’s Hannah Hunt and Ryan William Lynch (Girls guitarist), making fusion lo-fi pop. They’re very hyped at the moment and about to release their debut EP in August on Lefse Records.


Sore Eros

Back to the dark blues this week, that could be alleviated/ amplified by the next short sweet track, short and sweet as a delicious stolen kiss or an afternoon nap, you’ll get my drift in about 1:07 mins, don’t bother playing in repeat, it only accentuates the end cut, and when it cuts, it hurts, but leaves you yearning for more.

Sore Eros is a band from Massachusetts, making  psych lo-fi “Blues/ Blues/ Blues” , was originally a solo project of Robert Robinson who did some songwriting  for Ariel Pink, you could trace some of it in this song.

MP3: Sore Eros- Levitate


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