Ian Drennan & Alex Craig

Big Troubles

New Jersey

Ian Drennan & Alex Craig

We are currently awaiting the release of our first LP, titled “Worry,” on Olde English Spelling Bee.  We’ve been playing very frequently in the Brooklyn, NYC area with a lot of great bands, such as Real Estate, Ducktails (Whom we are touring with at the end of July), and No Demons Here.  We’ve been spending a lot of time demoing for our next release, which will likely feature a higher fidelity aesthetic than our previous releases. (Alex) just graduated with his undergraduate college degree, (Ian) is entering his final year of undergrad. We’ve been feeling extremely fatigued.  (Ian) drinks black coffee with a little bit of sugar, (Alex) likes his coffee with milk and two Splenda. (for more tracks and vids by the duo and sister bands look below for The Scene).

Our collective sense of humor, and recurring jokes, which consume nearly every conversation that we have, is based largely in mortality, regression, faux academia, reproduction, waste, and failure.  Comedy makes everything easier.

Ian- I like girls with pretty teeth (not by conventional dental standards)
Alex- I like  A Girl with nice cheeks (i.e. a kiss on the cheek).


Big Troubles- Georgia 



Smashing Pumpkins -1979

This is strangely accurate.

Current Obsession:

Prefab Sprout – Johnny Johnny

Prefab Sprout.  Brilliant songwriting.  Perfect and heartbreaking.

Upcoming Gig:

July 30, Glasslands, Brooklyn NY, with Julian Lynch, Campfires, Ducktails and La Big Vic http://glasslands.blogspot.com/

The Scene

It has been a while now since I came across Big Troubles, first time I heard them,  I remember simply gazing through the whole song, and feeling sorta elevated, the music is loud and kicking, and yet something in the fuzziness and the vocals makes it all dreamy,  shuegazy lo-fi heaven. Other bands presented are New Jersey based bands, such as Real Estate, Ducktails (Real Estate’s Matt Mondanile’s act), No Demons Here and Julian Lynch, all having psychedelic elements. Also Brooklyn’s lo-fi  sister bands: All Saints day (Vivian Girls’ Katy Goodman’s side project), Coasting and Dream Diary. & finally some sweet sounds coming out of New Haven by Procedure Club.

Big troubles
MP3: Big Troubles – Drastic And Difficult


Procedure Club- Rather
MP3: Procedure Club – Feel Sorry For Me


All Saints Day
MP3: All Saints Day- Itll Come Around


No Demons Here- TV


Dream Diary
MP3: Dream Diary- Is He Really Mine


Julian Lynch – Garden 2


Coasting- Kids


MP3: Ducktails- Apple Walk


Real Estate – Suburban Dogs


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