White Tuesdays| 2

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.


Swell Maps – Midget Submarines

Swell Maps was a Birmingham experimental rock band formed in the 70’s, which is believed to have  marked the birth of post-punk . This song is taken from their first album “A Trip To Marineville”, released in 1979.


kisses-  People Can Do The Most Amazing Things

I totally agree, things like this song, and these people are LA based Jesse Kivel and Zinzi Edmundson, making eerie sophisticated disco pop, perfect for the hot summer’s white nights. Check their Myspace and pre- order this single on vinyl.

MP3: Kisses – People Can Do The Most Amazing Things



Borrowed from Clan Destine Records.  I couldn’t find details about this fascinating act so I’ve asked Carl ClanDistine for some details. Carl: “The Fostercare release will be a CD/DVD with 7 new tracks on the CD and their accompanying videos on the DVD. It comes in a double CD case, with art by Marc from Fostercare on the cover and discs. Limited to 50 copies. Release is called ‘Heavens Gate’. After the ‘Heavens Gate’ cult who committed a mass suicide years ago, hoping catch a ride on haleys comet to another world on a space ship, if I remember rightly…I sent the master cds off yesterday should be available to buy next two weeks tops, here:


His Clancyness- Summer Majestic

Blue in the sense of the hue this time, cause this vid, by Jamie Harley,  makes me anything but blue, it has my  all time favorite elements: Dynamite, cheeky boys, cigs, motorcycles and a bit of romance chasing, and all of this is echoing the brilliant music by His Clancyness, life imitating music. His Clancyness is Otawwa’s Jonathan Clancy, now living and working in Bologna Italy.


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