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Sumire Twee

I’ve started my DJ career when I was 16 years old and in high school. so it’s been 6 years now! My music taste was really influenced by my Mom’s new wave music taste, she loves David Bowie, Style Council, New Order…etc, so I didn’t know
obscure 80’s new wave & twee pop music at that time. After starting DJing, I got bored with major bands so I began digging for twee pop /80’s neo acoustic music, it was like a hunt for treasure!  Being bored with normal Tokyo DJ style, with its dominant  electronic music scene, I’ve started Twee Grrls Club, a girls DJ group playing indie pop music .We love to be very DIY, and we believe that good indie music will spread in Tokyo. (You can see the activities of the club here )

I have my own shop called “Violet & Claire” ( Believed to be one of the nicest shops in Shibuya, very DIY, CL) The shop’s name was taken from a novel by Francesca Lia Block. This shop is the center spot for Twee Grrrls, it has many new vinyls which I’ve selected and really like, it is also an independent label, releasing vinyls and cassettes.

I love to play music like: My Bloody Valentine, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Vivian Girls, The Pastels, Radio Dept, M83, Male Bonding ,14 Iced Bear ,Brilliant Colors,  Finally Punk, Raincoats, Orange Juice, Cause Co-Motion, Love is All, Golden Dawn, Eternal Summers,  Dolly Mixture ,Aias… (for tracks and vids for these bands and a taste of Tokyo’s indie scene, look below for “The Scene”,CL)

I’ve never been on drugs. and I’ve never smoked, but I’ve spent 500USD on one vinyl I really wanted ,I know it’s crazy…

I like boys who wear White Repetto Jazz shoes and are obsessed with Boris Vian novel “L’Écume des Jours” (Boris Vian \”Froth on the Daydream\”)


Sea Lions- I Loved Her So Much/ I Wish I Was Lou Reed

I’ve released their cassette tape from my label , I believe they’re  the coolest band right now and hopefully I’ll organize their Japanese tour early next year!


Flipper’s Guitar – Goodbye, our pastel badges

That’s classic Flipper’s Guitar tune ” Goodbye, our pastel badges”, one of “Shibuyakei” (culture made in Shibuya-city) classics! I love the lyrics and still inspired with their pop anorak sound! After they split, Mr.
Oyamada went on and formed the Brilliant “Cornelius” ( one of the bands that admittedly influenced Beck’s music, CL)

Current Obsession:

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Say No To Love

I’m crazy about “My Bloody Valentine” and Slumberland (The legendary record company,CL) music like “Rocketship” and of course a huge fan of “Pains of Being Pure At Heart”. This is their latest video, it looks perfect to me! Shiny guitars sound make me feel so tender…

Gig I wanna recommend:

DJ set  on July 22nd  at 2nd Floor Cafe, London Fields, London, Baby Honey “Indietrash – An Indietracks warm-up in that London!” Bands: Burning Hearts + The Felt Tips + Onwards Chariots + The Give It
Ups + The Sock Puppets.

The Scene

I guess that this time all I could do is try and recreate a bit of the feel of Sumire’s/ Twee Grrrls’ DJ sets, unfortunately it’s not gonna be close to the real thing, for that you have to catch a flight to Tokyo or London (check the gig upstairs).  Twee pop/indie pop, is the dominant genre of the following, but goes in as well Shoegazy guitars and some punk. I wanted to be able to present some of the excellent Japanese indie acts surrounding Sumire, but most of them have no vids and no tracks you could shop/download online, but if you’re interested you can check the following acts on myspace: She Talks Silence, Miila, The New House & Sloppy Joe, you could buy some of their music via ordering vinyls/cassettes online.

Cause Co-Motion! -Who’s Gonna Care

Eternal Summers

Mp3: Eternal Summers-Pure Affection


MP3: Aias- La Truita

Finally Punk- Missile

She Talks Silence- Quiet Sun

My Bloody Valentine- To Here Know Them 

The School

MP3: The School- I Want You Back


MP3: Crocodiles- Nothing To Be Done (The Pastels Cover)

Brilliant Colors

MP3: Brilliant Colors- Never Mine


MP3: Rocketship- Love You Like The Way

Cornelius- Drop


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